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My Design

Welcome to my Architectural Design portfolio. Community based design, all made with love. 
January 2021: Jean Charles Academy, Building Audacity 

view the official annual report here.                    

Spring 2020: Architectural Studio, Community Center Design

Spring 2020: GIS, Water accessibility by neighborhood in the city of Mumbai 

GIS Mumbai Water Access.JPG

Using Geographic Information Systems, I created a mapping of water accessibility and cleanliness in the city of Mumbai. Through this project, I mapped population density, and class difference, and successfully correlated them with different levels of water cleanliness, reaching the ultimate conclusions that lower density, higher class residential areas had more access to water plants and clean resources. 

Fall 2018: From Drawing To Building

section and plan copy copy.jpg

As a part of my final project for a class on architectural design, I chose to explore how creating home/identity goes beyond the materiality of structure itself. I take inspiration from my Bengali-American upbringing, and reimagine a family like mine living in a structure like the one I've designed. I combined information about the fields Asian Americans study in college, a collaging of my own section, and a "storyboard" narrative to explore how home can inform us. 

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